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free and open conference management system


frab is a web-based conference planning and management system. It helps to collect submissions, to manage talks and speakers and to create a schedule.

frab is based upon Ruby on Rails . It was created to organize FrOSCon , where it replaced pentabarf as the primary conference planning tool.


Here is an incomplete list of features, to get you an idea of what frab is capable of:

  • Manage multiple conferences
  • Manage all the people involved in your conference
    • This includes (but is not limited to) speakers, moderators, staff etc.
    • You can reuse a person’s details across all conferences
  • Manage the individual events your conference is composed of (talks, workshops etc.)
    • Track an event’s state from inception to final confirmation
    • Assign people to an event (speakers, moderators, etc.)
    • Print paper cards with your events for “offline” planning
  • Conduct a Call for Papers
    • Collect submissions from prospective speakers
    • Let speakers enter their data themselves into a central database
    • Review and rate submissions
    • Select submissions and let speakers reconfirm their attendance with a single click
  • Schedule events
    • Drag&drop events onto your schedule
    • frab automatically checks for conflicts and gives you instant feedback
    • Export your schedule to different formats (HTML, PDF, iCalendar, xCal, pentabarf XML)
    • Use the online schedule or make a static export
    • Create custom PDF exports

Download and Installation

frab is hosted at github.

There is no official release yet. Just clone the repository and get the latest code.

Please refer to the README for installation instructions. Take a look at the wiki for more information.


The user manual is also in the wiki.


If you have trouble using frab, consider filing an issue . If you have any questions, consider signing up to the mailing list. Simply send an email to frab (at) to sign up.